Critical Thinking, Getting It Right

Critical Thinking, Getting It Right takes the mystery (and fear) out of decision making.  The book includes 5 decision-making methods, illustrative examples, and PowerPoint and PDF templates to turn you into a critical thinking, decision-making master.  The material is applicable for beginners and professionals alike, with a thorough explanation of what critical thinking is and isn’t, why you need to care about it, and most importantly…how to use it for decision making.

Sections include:

Critical Thinking

1.   What is critical thinking and why do I need to care?     The reason we need to care about critical thinking is simple:  too much rides on this skill in our personal and professional lives.   Applying logical principles and rigorous standards of evidence seems second nature.  But is it?  And do we use it in a structured process every time in decision making?

2.   What critical thinking is and what it isn’t?   Just because you have mental agility and intelligence doesn’t mean you can think critically.   Critical thinking is really about how we apply our knowledge and intelligence to arrive at decisions and opinions on issues.

3.  Barriers to Critical Thinking.   Everyone will confront them and you can’t eliminate them.  So knowing about biases and heuristics (a.k.a. thought patterns that aid us in decision making) is key to upping our decision making capability.

4.   Developing the Critical Thinking Skill.   Doing so simplifies the decision making process, maximizes yours and others’ time, and ensures that decisions are made based on relevant, key, and unbiased information. 

5.   Methods to the Madness – Putting Critical Thinking to Work for You.  Learn about 5 increasingly more complex decision making processes to apply in your life.

The 10 W’s

The Idea List and Decision Making Matrix

The Pros and Cons Decision Making Process

The Decision Quad Chart

The Military Decision Making Process

Download the PDF Version for $6.  This includes a ZIP file containing a PDF version of the book along with PowerPoint and Word versions of the decision-making work sheets.  Lead on!

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This is the first in a series of e-Books in The Engineer Leader field guide series I’ll be generating to assist you in delivering the goods on your projects and life missions.